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Opening Hours Mon ~ Fri. 10:00~22:30 ,Weekends & Holidays 09:00~21:00.
Sat / Sun



Group Reservation & Composite climbing & Course 09:00

Group Reservation & Composite climbing & Course

Composite climbing & Course 18:00

Composite climbing & Course



Composite climbing(Only available for the age over 12.) & Course

  1. iClimb retains the right to change the opening hours above.
  2. Group activities led by professional coaches. Please make reservations during Mon.-Fri. group reservation time.
  3. If self climbers want to climb during Group reservation time, please call first to check for availability.
  4. Each month we have free entrance for “Member’s Night” every first Tuesday, “Lady’s Night” every second Tuesday, “Student’s Night” every third Tuesday after 6pm. Coach fee and rent equipment not included.
  5. No climbing experience or didn't pass the belay test, shall not belay for others.
  6. Belay card owner can take a maximum 4 people with no climbing experience at same time.
  7. Belay card test: Please reserve 2 days before test. A testing fee of NT$200 will be charged for each person, which will be given directly to the testing coach.
  First Time Climbing - for adults and children 6 years up to experience rock climbing!
  Experience Climbing for only NT$ 450 ( Single day admission NT$ 250 + Coach experience NT$ 200), includes:
(1)Bouldering: single day no limit entrance fee for bouldering (climbing in bouldering area below 3 meters, no harness or rope, or coach needed)
(2)Rock Climbing: 2 routes 10m high per person, up to 20 minutes time limit.
(3)Equipment: includes climbing shoes and harness. Suggest to wear socks since shoes are for public wear.
Please reserve 2 days before coming to ensure coach availability. Call (03)6588-588 for reservation.


Admission—Coach fee and rent equipment not included.
Item Price Note 
1 day NT$ 250 Single day pass
Seasonal pass NT$ 3,600 3 month no limit pass
Half year pass NT$ 6,000 Half year no limit pass
1 year pass NT$ 9,900 1 year no limit pass
  ◆ Note:
  1. Must be over 16 years old to take the belay test. If you didn't bring your belay card, please exchange for a temporary card with your ID for free. Replacement fee NT$30 for lost card.
  2. Parents of minors are responsible for safety and overseeing minors. Children less than 6 years old are not allowed entry.


CoachInclude belay and equipment (shoes, harness).
Experience NT$ 200/ 1 Person 20 minutes, 2 routes
1hr Experience NT$800/ 3 Person

1hour, no route limit

  ◆Note: Please call to make reservations in advance. Extra charge for continued use of equipment after experience.


Equipment RentalMortgage personal ID or relevant evidence.
Rope NT $100 GriGri NT $20
Shoes NT $80 Carabiner NT $20
Harness NT $50 ATC NT $20
Chalk bag NT $20 Quickdraw(1set) NT $20


iClimb Membership Not limited by climbing experience.
Personal Member Participate in rock climbing courses, or purchase long-term passes (in effective period).


Adult Course in EnglishOver 16 years old, minimum 4 people per class
Level Times Total Hours Location Price Qualifications
A0 Beginner 1 3hrs Gym NT$ 1,600 Not limited
A1 Beginner 3 7hrs Gym NT$ 3,800 Capacity to A0
A0~A1 Class 4 10hrs Gym NT$ 4,800 Include 2 months free entrance and equipment (value $3,000)
B1 Upper-level beginner 4 9hrs Gym NT$ 4,300 Capacity to A1
B2 Upper-level beginner 2 5hrs Gym NT$ 2,400 Capacity to B1
B1~B2 Class 6 14hrs Gym NT$ 5,900 Include 2 months free entrance(value $2,400)
C1 Intermediate (Traditional Climbing) 6 2hrs Gym NT$ 14,250 Finish A1~B2 or leading ability above YDS 5.10b (Use own equipment)
5 days Long Dong (The northeast coastline)

C2 Intermediate (Aid Climbing)

4 2hrs Gym NT$ 12,000 Finish C1 or own Trad climbing ability (Use own equipment)
3 days Long Dong

D1 Advanced (Big Wall Climbing)

4 2hrs Gym NT$ 15,000 Finish C2 or own Aid climbing ability (Use own equipment)
3 days Long Dong


Children & Youths Course7~15 years old
Summer & Winter vacation camp Please refer to iClimb website for details
Children & Youths Rock Climbing Training Course Please refer to iClimb website for details


Group ActivitiesPlease make reservations 3~4 weeks before. Equipment included and led by professional coaches.
Elementary School
1.5hrs 15~30 persons NT$ 210 / 1 person more
Elementary-Junior School 2hrs 15~30 persons NT$ 330 / 1 person more
Family activities & Social groups 2.5hrs 15~30 persons NT$ 480 / 1 person more
Family activities & Social groups 3hrs 15~30 persons NT$ 550 / 1 person more
Deposit 50% before 2 weeks, minimum of 15 people.
For Group Activities please contact Tina 0932-939060


Venue HireEvents, TV ad shoot, PR activities.
NT$6,000 per hour, 9 hours a day. All equipment included and 1 assistant (non-coach). Note: Construction and restoration time is charged